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Endless List of the Insanely Attractive [9/?]

Robert Sean Leonard 

this gifset is dedicated to mischiefdolly (surprise, dear!)

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this…this photo, man. it has all the greatest hits.

1.) Squishy toe-beans the size of your thumb.
2.) Fuzzy spotted catbutt
3.) Pink snootnose
4.) Adoring expression shootin’ lovebeams into your very soul
5.) Cat

Reblogging for everyone in the throes of finals right now because I think we could all use a little KITTY

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do you have a list or know of a list that has literary agents/agencies that have tumblr blogs? thanks!!

ASKED BY Anonymous.


I couldn’t find much. You can find a lot more lit agents on twitter and I think everyone listed here also has a twitter.

Laurie Abkemeier

  • (From website): She is currently most interested in narrative nonfiction about remarkable individuals or achievements in the areas of history, sports, science, nature, sociology, and technology, and prescriptive nonfiction that is research-based. She is also interested in hearing from artists and illustrators with book ideas.

Hannah Bowman

  • (From website): Hannah specializes in commercial fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy, young adult fiction, women’s fiction, cozy mysteries, and romance. Hannah is also interested in nonfiction, particularly in the areas of mathematics, science and religion (especially history and sociology of Christianity).

Diana Fox

  • (From Publisher’s Marketplace): I am actively seeking the following: young adult fiction (all genres), science fiction/fantasy, romance, historical fiction, thrillers, and graphic novels. I’m always interested in books that cross genres and reinvent popular concepts with an engaging new twist (especially when there’s a historical and/or speculative element involved). On the nonfiction side I’m interested in memoirs, biography, and smart narrative nonfiction; I particularly enjoy memoirs and other nonfiction about sex work, addiction and recovery, and pop culture.

HSG Agency

  • Multiple agents looking for YA, middle grade, adult fiction, picture book, and non-fiction writers. Specific genres for each agent is listed on their website.

New Leaf Literary

  • Multiple agents. Genres are listed here.

Rebecca Friedman

  • (From website): Looking for literary novels of suspense, women’s fiction, contemporary romance, and young adult, as well as journalistic non-fiction and memoir.

Eric Nelson

  • I can’t find his exact genres, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly non fiction. You’ll have to look at his books and his twitter.

PS Literary Agency

  • Multiple agents. All literary agents and what they’re looking for are listed on the main website, which is listed on their tumblr blog.

Regal Literary

  • We represent works in a wide range of categories, with an emphasis on literary fiction, outstanding thriller and crime fiction, and serious narrative non-fiction. Specific agents can be found here.

Sarah Such Literary Agency

  • Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction, including Y/A and children’s books.

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Dr. Wilson has asked me to tender his apologies for his absence. You’ll be hearing my paper instead.

"Euthanasia: let’s tell the truth, we all do it. We just don’t talk about it, we play the game, we use other words or we don’t use any words at allPatient S, a 55-year-old man. End-stage lung cancer. His pain was beyond the point where we could even pretend to treat it. I showed him how to use the morphine pump. I told him too much morphine would kill him, but not to worry. The machine only gives out so much. To override it you need to enter a special code. I went to the door and told the nurse, ‘the code is 328.’ I said it loudly. When he first came to my office, I told him I would be with him every step of the way. But I left him alone at the end. I broke that promise. To cover my ass, I failed –”

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Your work has been a gift to mankind. You shaped the century. And I need you to do it ǝɯıʇ ǝɹoɯ ǝuo.

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House Week - Day 7: Anything Goes
The introduction of Martha M. Masters
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Robert Downey Jr. and Jeremy Renner at San Diego Comic Con 2014

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron cast at San Diego Comic Con 2014

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